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In order to help you in choosing the best force gauge for your tests, we wrote a comparison chart of the different features of our force gauges. You can see this synthesis here.
Centor First Centor Easy Centor Touch
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Since 1960, Com-Ten Industries is a manufacturer and designer of force measurement equipments. Our range of products now includes force gauges, torque gauges, manual stands, motorized and computer controlled stands, tensile testing equipment, compression testing equipment, torque bench and torque calibration. We have one of the most complete range of torque and force measuring equipments on the market today and applications in all the industries: packaging, automotive, medical, food, plastics, metallurgy...

Another area of expertise within Com-Ten industries is the measure of force in the building market. With our range of fastener pull testers, we're now working with fastener manufacturers and representatives, roofing industries and consultants, building enterprises...

Visit our website and buy online your next force gauge, torque gauge or grips.
Centor Star Touch, Advanced touchscreen force gauge Centormeter CT, Portable torque calibration bench Test stand for force gauge Motorized Anditork EASY, manual bottle tester High capacity wire tester : WIRETEST 3F Force gauges with internal sensor or external load cell
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The force gauge Centor Touch has 3 inputs and 6 outputs trigger channels for a direct connection to a logic controller, or production machine. The trigger channels allow synchronization of Centor touch gauge with external events (External events such as brake pedal depression or passing a marker point).

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ATLAS-II ATLAS II CC - Automated twin columns material testing

The Automated high capacity test stand ATLAS II CC is a complete material testing solution. Ready to use system for all your force applications. The twin columns load frame combined with the technology of the CENTOR TOUCH, bring you a robust and versatile solution for tensile & compression tests up to 50kN.

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